Search with AND

You have to "tell" Google that you know what you look for and that it should NOT IGNORE words of your search.


Sometimes ..

Google will ask you whether you are not a robot. May be they don't expect smart searches from humans. ;-)

What's wrong with Google?

Many things ...
There was some time, when Google was just a search engine.
It was great and it grew.Today it's only big.
What do you expect when you enter a search for "aglae modification germany"?
You would not expect to find pages without any relation to Germany, right?
But Google does not care what you look for. It just gives you "something".
If you are "lucky", it shows you which words were NOT found on a page.
Why does it show these pages at all?

You can ignore this, be angry about it, ask yourself about the sense or ..
use our simple page which adds an "allintext:" to the search and also
allows you to set a time range.

And don't worry: We don't see nor save your searches.
They are forwarded directly to google.